Leonardo da Vinci

My name is Jejenny lemkenny Lemke, I am 23 years old and studying to be a teacher for German, English and History in Germany, my home country. Currently, I am on a 6-month ERASMUS internship placement with the School at Modern Languages of Newcastle University. I came to Newcastle in the middle of April and immediately fell in love with the city! It is much smaller than I expected, but a perfect blend of history, nature and the amenities of a modern environment. I especially love the quayside with its bridges and the fantastic view.

Luckily, I found a flat even before I arrived here and I have two awesome flatmates who made me feel at home instantly. In general, most people I met are incredibly helpful and friendly – it took me quite some time to get used to thanking the bus driver upon leaving the bus! In my spare time, I enjoy just walking around the city or going to one of the many huge parks. On the weekends, there is so much to see in the North East – and it is all just a short train ride away! I can get to Tynemouth, which is a lovely town with stretches of sandy beach and picturesque ruins of a medieval priory, in just twenty minutes!

The almost two months I have been here now were wonderful, even though they went by very fast, and I am really looking forward to what the next four months will bring!

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