VAR project – restoring heritage buildings – opportunities for Leonardo da Vinci

Aims & Objectives

Provide an up skilling of the trainers operating VET

(vocational education & training) for the sector and

downstream improvement of skills in the workforce,

with more young people being attracted into the sector

through enhanced, more broad-ranging VET that

includes ‘internationalisation’.

Project aims:

• To exchange relevant skills for the maintenance and

restoration of heritage buildings

• To increase the knowledge base for the sector

• To re-discover products and processes lost over time

within the UK

• To increase job opportunities within the sector

• To more successfully maintain the built heritage

• To develop job opportunities outside the

UK e.g. Europe

• Meet personal needs e.g. up skilling, gaining

new knowledge, accessing European ideas, job

security and expansion of working possibilities.

What you can gain from the placement

• Improve professional skills

• Gain some basic linguistic skills for host county

• Develop useful contacts for future partnerships

• Understand training and practice in VET in

another country (Vocational Education

& Training)

• Prepare for the practical, professional and

cultural life of the host county

• Gain better understanding of the requirements

of industry and the labour market of your host

organisation, field and country

For more information see ; leonardo 2013-14

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