The truth about the people across the sea?

A while ago there was an article about the Nordic countries that did not depict the old Viking nations in a flattering way.

Sweden is depicted as a people without feelings that spend their days at the Systembolag, the state-monopoly-on-alcohol-store. According to the article, there is no room for individual thinking or personal achievement. Everybody is being molded in the same shape. Helping strangers is also something the Swedes avoid at any cost.

Danish people are described as being over their ears in debt as well as living in a police state. Norway is even more reserved and does not want to share their oil and has therefore restricted their policy on the admittance of immigrants. The Finnish are reported to be very fond of both guns and the bottle, and the drink is now the most common cause of death for Finnish men.

What do you know about the Nordic countries? Do you agree with the picture of the Scandinavians?

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