Interns from Padova

Hi, I’m Giuditta and I come from Padua, which is a wonderful city in the North East Italy, near Venice.

Padua has one of the best Universities in Italy, for this reason it’s full of young people and so full of life. I study languages there:  English, German and Spanish.

I stay from 28/08 to 21/09 here in Durham, working at County Hall’s international office with many friendly people. I do everyday something different, from packing envelopes to working with the computer. Sometimes I take part to meetings.

In my free time I enjoy walking around Durham, because you can discover every time new different places. If you want, you can find whatever you need: a quite bench in which sitting and admire the river, a nice coffee shop, the theatre, the library, restaurants and a lot of shops in which spending all the cash you have. What about historical sites: the Castle and the Cathedral are amazing!

I love staying here in Durham. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity to live for a short time in a city like this, learning English and keeping in contact with new people.



Riccardo and Guiditha



Hello! I’m Riccardo, I’m eighteen years old and I come from Padua which is a nice city near Venice in the North-East of Italy. In my free time I like playing football and listening to music.

I study foreign languages in Padua: English, Spanish and German but now I’m hosted in a beautiful house in Durham near the town centre. What is more I’m here for a three weeks work experience in the Durham’s County Hall where I’m doing some simple jobs as doing researches, sending letters, packaging documents and doing copies.

Durham is a nice and welcoming town and I love walking up and down in its characteristic streets and places, especially in the morning or having a coffee in one of its relaxing coffee shops and enjoying the beautiful landscape of North England’s hills. In this period my English is getting better and I’m doing some important experiences as this one in the County Hall.

I Thank the International office for their kindness and their willingness with me and Giuditta. It was a pleasure to be here.

Goodbye, Riccardo.

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