Chinese workshops in your school

Please see message below from a company offering support with Chinese New Year celebrations

Chinese New Year workshops in your school!  Dragons in Europe invites you to bring the wonderfully vibrant and inspiring Chinese New Year celebrations to your school. We will come to your school to deliver a varied session on or around the big day: February 19th in 2015. There will be mythical animal tales, traditional activities, Chinese character writing and lots of smiles!  The rise of China as an economic and global power has led to the rapid spread of Chinese culture and customs round the world. Now, Chinese language skills are in high demand. Also, exploring this fascinating culture is a cross-curricula journey. To find out about how our workshops fulfill curriculum criteria, click here.  Workshops will include some basic language learning, lots of culture and topical gifts for the children to take away.  Our Chinese New Year workshops are very popular and can be organised at your convenience and tailored towards the children in your school. Here’s some feedback from children and teachers from previous workshops:

  • “We all had a brilliant time. We learnt so much and we now know that Chinese people do not like number 4 and they do like number 8. We learnt loads of wonderful things. Thankyou!” – Lucy, pupil at Waddingham Primary School, Lincolnshire.
  • “The kids had a great time and loved their little ‘artefacts’ to take home and share with their families. I was really impressed with your rapport with the children and how you managed to fit so much into one hour.” – St. Johns Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
  • “It was a great workshop and all the kids came out of the school really enthused.” – Maple Walk Primary School, London.

To find out more please send us an email us or give us a call. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!  Marcus Reoch Workshop Coordinator | 020 7228 8501 |

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