What makes me happy

A series of films which have been commissioned by the British Council and which pose the question ” what makes you happy ? ”

“What Makes Me Happy” is a series of short, fun films showing that even where lives are difficult children can still find happiness.

The films were produced in-country by working with the children themselves. These are their own stories about what makes them happy and we want to share them with you and as many children as possible around the world.

Each film runs approximately 12 minutes with completely diverse and original stories that are both entertaining and informative. There is no need for voice over or sub-titles as each story is easily understood by pictures alone and language is used only as representation of the culture.

The “What Makes Me Happy” project aims to inspire children around the world with happy thoughts and to share their cultures.

– See more at: https://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org/classroom-resources/what-makes-me-happy#sthash.sQCrINgG.dpuf



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