Easter and different traditions

Christians celebrate Easter to commemorate Christ´s resurrection while other cultures sees it as a day to welcome spring.

The “normal” traditions in the UK includes attending Church services, making and eating Easter eggs, decorating Easter bunnies as well as eating them. However, in other places around the world, the traditions are very different from ours and they are quite interesting.

Slovakia whipping

The women in Czech Republic & Slovakia are being “whipped”, in a non-harmful way, in the belief that this will make them healthy and beautiful.


The children in Finland dress up as witches with broomsticks and go trick or treating in a Halloween fashion way. Bonfires are also lit, as it is believed that witches becomes more powerful during Easter and the bonfires are made to scare them away.

The traditional Easter menu in Colombia is a bit different from the UK´s. Instead of eggs and chocolate they eat green iguanas, turtles and big rodents.

It is very interesting to learn how other countries celebrate the same holidays as we, and if you want to know more about traditions around the world connected to Easter, just click on this link and real all about it – Easter traditions.



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