Students from Teesdale goes to Euroscola

Earlier we have written an article about the Euroscola programme that is being held in Strasbourg where students can experience how it is to be an MEP for a day. If you want to read that article as well just click this link – A day as an MEP in Strasbourg.

Six sixth form students from Teesdale got the opportunity to go to Strasbourg and act as an MEP for the day. The students that went were Maddie Cooper, Bridie Fitzgerald, Rhian Llewellyn, Abigail Kent, Jack Parker & Emma Turner. They submitted a winning script about the EU in a county-wide competition.


With the six students from Teesdale a total of 550 students, from all member states in the EU, where attending the Euroscola programme.

Cassie Flint, the teacher that went with students to Strasbourg said: “Euroscola offers a fantastic opportunity for young people to come together and discuss the sorts of issues that really matter to them”.

The day in Strasbourg started with a presentation about the countries that where attending and the UK´s presentation was given by Jack Parker. Jack talked about county Durham and also how young people are responding to the upcoming referendum regarding whether or not Britain should stay in the EU.

After that a one hour question and answer session took place and the students got to ask questions to a real MEP, Michael Theurer from Germany.

“Because of the nature of the competition, students from all over Europe are able to speak on the basis of excellent research and through their questions and listening to others´ responses, they are able to both empathise and respond to such important issues”.

Euroscola proved to be a highly-rewarding experience. Not only did it show how big and all-encompassing the modern Europe is, but also offered a fantastic insight into politics on one of the world’s biggest platforms.



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