Beat the rat race


In collaboration with Europe Direct, Routes into Languages North East presents… Beat the Rat Race: Using Languages To Get Ahead.

Speakers from a wide range of professional sectors will demonstrate how language skills have benefited them in their careers in a fun and interactive way. There will also be the opportunity to learn a completely new language during taster sessions run by our very own Student Language Ambassadors. With an exciting panel of real life linguists, language taster sessions and more, this event is designed to inspire your pupils to take languages forward at GCSE and show them just where it could take them in future.

The panellists all use languages in their jobs in some way and represent a wide variety of different fields and organisations in the region and beyond. This is a unique chance to highlight the opportunities available to those with a language qualification.

The event is open to groups of up to 10 pupils per school who are in their options year (Year 8/9). The event will take place on Wednesday 14th December 2016 from 09:30 -14:30.


For full programme and registration please go to




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