112 day

EdelgardYesterday, on the 11 February, Europe celebrated the European 112 Day which was established in 2009 to raise awareness of the European emergency number.

In an emergency situation, when you are in the need of help, you can call 112 which is the European emergency number. You can call it whenever you are in the need of help from all the European member states to get in contact with any emergency services; like ambulance, fire brigade or the police.

The emergency number was introduced by the Council of the European Union to make it easier for European citizens who are travelling. Instead of knowing all the different emergency numbers for the countries, they can just call one number which applies to all the European member states.

Calling the emergency number is free of charge and you can call from both fixed and mobile phones. The operators will be able to answer not only in the national language but also in English. In some member states the operators can take the phone calls in French or German to help European citizens with emergency assistance.

Mrs. Edelgard Huber von Gersdorff, who is 112 years old, supports the initiative for the Europe-wide emergency number 112 as honorary patroness. She witnessed how Europe evolved from a continent plagued by wars and destruction into a community of help and solidarity. She says, “112 is the symbol of help and of European integration”. One Europe – One Number! Mrs. Edelgard Huber von Gersdorff was born on December 7, 1905 and is the oldest woman in Germany. The lawyer actively follows European politics.


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