Online activities to support primary language learning at home

In these unprecedented times, we are hoping to support you all as best we can by sharing links for pupils and teachers to have fun improving their skills.


  1. – new versions of traditional tales especially for language learners, teachers, and anyone who enjoys a nice story.

This is normally a subscription website, but the paywall has been suspended until May 3, so the stories are open to everyone. Simply direct your pupils to the website, they won’t need a log in.

  1. – Practise reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through a wide range of games and activities

Free service until the end of May

  1. is all about learning Spanish through music. What could be more fun ?

One month’s free access to their resources.

  1. – foreign language teaching resources for primary school. Interactive PowerPoints with all instances of the foreign language pre-recorded using a native speaker plus a range of fun and exciting interactive games.

Request a free trial for 6 weeks and share the login with pupils and teachers


Engaging interactive tasks that introduce, reinforce and recycle vocabulary. Activities are self-paced and self-correcting and include recordings by native speaker.

Free resources for language learners

  1. – a daily French challenge for children at home, in the form of a YouTube video. – a weekly round up of possible French activities for children up to the age of 11


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