The language challenge for this weekend…

We are using British Council resources to set challenges each week. This week’s is to manage to complete this using French You can download the challenge here  Next week it’s Spanish ….

How are you feeling today?

french emoji poster Halsbury Travel has made its colourful posters free to download during the current lockdown restrictions. These and other free resources can be accessed through the Association of Language Learning’s pages here

Learn languages while you cook

The linguacuisine app allows you to practise your language skills whilst cooking. It seems a good way to improve skills during the lockdown too. You can download the app from

Learn about India

The British Council has another great pack of materials to help build knowledge of India. British Council India pack We also have some exciting geography materials suitable for pupils at KS1 and KS2 which have been developed by colleagues in Gateshead. These can be accessed here  

Learn about another country .. Indonesia

Colleagues at British Council have produced a great pack of materials to help us learn about Indonesia; the fourth most populous country in the world and made up of over 17,000 islands, British Council pack about Indonesia