Global learning online course

Global Pathways to Excellent Education

Learning schemes, accreditation and curriculum resources

A FREE online course from the Global Learning Association

Course aims and objectives

This course aims to support schools and teachers to:
Learn about the Global Goals and how these can contribute towards excellent education provision – policy, practice and accreditation
Access a range of teaching strategies and resources to introduce teaching about the Global Goals and create opportunities for international collaborative action with your partner school overseas
Develop and nurture long-term equitable and sustainable partnerships.

Course outline

First online session (Wednesday 18 November 2020 3.30 – 5.00 PM):
Background context; the Global Goals; an introduction to pathways to excellent education through global learning schemes, accreditation frameworks and curriculum resources; outlining the individual tasks and arrangements for sharing findings.

School based or individual learning:
Working on Global Goals tasks; recording outcomes; on-going monitoring and support.

Second online session: (Thursday 28 January 2021 3.30 – 5.00 PM):
Sharing results; pathways to embedding the Global Goals in your curriculum and accreditation frameworks to secure Global Learning in your context; Building equitable and sustainable partnerships; course evaluation.

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