Introducing the Language Detectives

A brand new after school club for secondary pupils in years 8 and 9 will be launched this Autumn. It brings together university language undergraduates and school pupils who share an enthusiasm and passion for language learning.

The six sessions will begin on Thursday 4 November and continue for the following six Thursdays.

Each session will be led by university students and delivered using Teams or Zoom. Schools will need to agree to supervise those pupils who take part in the club.

The six sessions will cover language families, offer the chance to have a taster in two new languages, introduce job opportunities for linguists and deliver fun translation and codebreaker workshops.

There is no cost to take part in this club. Pupils will be issued with a Detective warrant card and earn a certificate for attending all sessions. Those who attend all six sessions will be invited to a special day at Durham University’s language school in the New Year.

We appreciate that there are different school finishing times and as a result the sessions will take place each week at both 1430 and 1530. each session will last 45 minutes.

To register your school, please email

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