Languages are our business

Young people in our schools need to recognise the important employability skills which they acquire when learning a new language. As well as the abilities to work in another language and compete in a global marketplace where many people speak English as well as one or more other languages, there are many transferable skills gained.

We have uploaded some excellent youtube videos to our youtube channel playlist at

Working with partners at Durham University and the Association for Language Learning, we have produced a number of resources to make the case for language learning in schools.

crossword snip

The poster can be downloaded here Language skills poster

We also worked with some of Durham University’s graduates to track job destinations and produced 5 colourful posters which are here :

Louis Vuitton

Languages are our business posters

The poster series also prompted an A5 booklet which is ideal for those considering options.

new booklet

Languages are our Business booklet

The computer games designer, UBISOFT, has its customer relationship centre in Newcastle. Staff here speak many different languages to be able to respond to enquireies from across the world. We shot a short video in French to show how languages are used in our region in the gaming industry.

The video ends with the message that languages are an advantage for life in 12 languages.