Stories for young learners in French

Durham County Council has a special relationship with the Académie d’Amiens. Schools are encouraged to build partnerships to support language learning and to allow an exchange between teaching professionals.

la moufle (2)

Advisory teachers in France have recorded a number of short stories suitable for young learners and these are available to watch from our youtube channel at . The accompanying notes can be downloaded from here:

0 Topics and grammar

1 La moufle

2 Monsieur William

3 Petits points rouges

3a Poems by French pupils

4 Les petits riens

4aLes-petits-riens pupil copy

4b Les petits riens des élèves français

5 Viens jouer avec moi, petite souris

5a Viens jouer match up

5b Viens-jouer pictures

6 La chaise bleue

6aLa chaise bleue worksheet

6bLa chaise bleue copy of full text

7 bon appetit Monsieur Lapin

7a Script part 1 bon Appetit monsieur Lapin

7b Script part 2 bon Appetit monsieur Lapin

7c Script part 3 bon Appetit monsieur Lapin

8 Cocotte tricote

9 Louna et la chambre bleue

9a Louna worksheet