European Day of Languages resources 2020


The European Day of Languages provides an excellent opportunity to add depth and value to the classroom experience.

Register for a free European Day of Languages Festival Friday 25th September 2020

A FREE full day-long online festival full of activities for children aged 0-12, schools and teachers, live streamed all day long With classes in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Welsh, Arabic, Mandarin and Dutch. ! Schools can register:

If you prefer to incorporate the celebration within your normal school day, look at the suggestions below for different topic areas.

Cross -curricular ideas to celebrate European Day of Languages.

Classroom routines




  • Test your knowledge of countries, flags and landmarks with a Europe Quiz
  • Country Profile – carry out research to create a detailed profile about a European countryCountries-of-Europe-factfile

Science & Technology



  • Study works by artists from a country and create a piece of art in the same style


  • Arrange a Eurovision song contest in your school with songs performed in other languages.
  • Learn a verse of a national anthem from another European country


  • Taste some European food in your lesson. Everyone loves an excuse to try some specialities from another country, French cheese, Swiss chocolate, Spanish chorizo are all winners  Languages Food
  • Research school meals in the country of your choice. Create a menu for a school meal in the target language.
  • Host a café with food, drink, menu, ordering and decorations in the appropriate target language. Invite pupils, staff, parents & visitors who are encouraged to order in the target language.

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