I’m Mauro Toffoli a student that have spent this year in Durham University. mauro

When last year, I start to think about Erasmus program, I was very undecided because I had to leave for a long time my friends, my girlfriend, my part-time job and I did not know anybody in durham.

But now after this academic year in Durham, I’m very very happy about my choice. 

In this year I known a lot of people, a lot of new friends and especially I made a lot of different experience of life and I improved a lot my language skills.

Moreover during this year I met other three Erasmus guys and with them we have formed a work team (the best one 😉 ). After that we worked hard, and at the beginning of may we received a great job opportunity, we taken it and now we are ready for a new chapter of this Erasmus…

 Erasmus is a great experience of life!

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