Some help for your summer holidays

Some help to sommer holiday

We would like to offer some help to improve your holiday experience this summer.
In the Restaurant of Durham County Council you can find the booklets “Languages take you further” and “Travelling in Europe 2012-13”.

Languages take you further

This is a small booklet in which you will find examples of the many languages spoken in Europe. By learning the language of another country, you can also get to know its culture and people better – which is a great advantage!

Travelling in Europe 2012-13

Europe: a continent with thousands of years of history, a rich cultural heritage and some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. So much for the traveller to discover and explore and all made much easier thanks to the European Union (EU). You can cross many borders within the EU without being checked and the Euro makes it easier to shop around for bargains. You have easy access to healthcare should you need it and your dog or cat can travel with you. If you drive, your driving licence and motor insurance policy issued in one EU country are valid in all the others. And using your mobile phone abroad is getting much cheaper. This booklet tells you all about practical issues you ought to consider before embarking on your summer trip this year.

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